Seven Sydney Dystopias, 1993.

Pages 68 — 71 of west 6/7, 1993, ‘out of the intermix’, edited by Colin Hood (University of Western Sydney).

I can’t remember why Colin and I didn’t call it ‘Seven Sydney Heterotopias’, since it’s obviously inspired by Foucault. It was shot on my Linhof 6×9. 

One thought on “Seven Sydney Dystopias, 1993.

  1. Loved seeing this series of dystopias. How many photos did you make for the series? Did you ever show them? Big negatives too. How large did you print them?
    I have Colin’s still for his theatre work at the Bondi Pavilion which included the sculpture of ? in ecstasy with the Barbara Kruger typographic design and the words BLOW JOB. It was pretty funny


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